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Friday, November 4

hold space - know your bliss

Well, I signed up for the LOHAS -- for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability -- newsletter (see the discreet charm of the mystic bourgeoisie), and the very first issue I got... paydirt! First a link to The Natural Marketing Institute, where you can buy the 2005 Health and Wellness Trends Report for a mere $7,500 [PDF] -- with sections like "Planetary Health and Wellness: Is it Cool to Be Green?" and "Health Versus Vanity Motivations" and -- my personal favorite -- "Believability of Natural/Organic Personal Care Benefits."

There was also an ad for/link to the sustainable style foundation -- "look fabulous, live well, do good" -- which showcases "hip new sustainable products." For instance...

In case you were wondering, the coat is sustainable because it's made of wool. Sheep grow more wool, you see, and when they wear out, you can grow more sheep. By this definition, nearly all clothing is "sustainable" unless it's made from old-growth redwoods. Or you know -- ewwww! -- polyester. But also by this definition, Strontium-90 would make good sustainable togs. Last a lifetime and then some!

Additionally included in the LOHAS e-news was a pointer to a site called Here's a brief sampling...

Your business will make a difference in the world! Hold space and ask to be shown what is the next level I can take my business and draw abundance. Know your bliss and how you're an individuated expression of that which is. We can help you actualize that individuation by planning a professional branding strategy. One that evolves as you do. Branding that is energized to bring clients that resonate with your particular form of healing.

In the Gifts section -- a.k.a. Flowing Abundance, no kidding -- I found a group of links under "Lifestyle Simplification." One took me to The Center for a New American Dream, where you can simplify your life by purchasing some of these products from their marketplace section via the green home environmental store:

  • Peerless 6-Burner Range with Oven Window - $787.00
  • Hemp Watchband 3-Pack - $16.50
  • Bio-Floor Rug, Pyrenees 10' x 12' Light Natural - $748.50
  • 100% Organic Futon, 8" King - $1,050.00
  • Portable Meditation Bench Deluxe - $67.00
  • Jamtown Percussion Adventure Set - $255.00
  • Unite in Green, Women's G-String - $13.89
  • Organic Hemp Sofa - $ 5,200.00

...and so on. I especially like the idea of that last item. When it begins to sag, instead of putting it out on the curb for the Salvation Army truck, you can just roll it up and smoke it.

this one doesn't really belong here, but i didn't want to forget to tell you it was coming out soon. imagine me knowing my bliss.