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Wednesday, June 25

stank - an acausal asshat

I am LMAO over here. Har har. I was going to begin this in a more rationally linear way, marshaling my brief for the prosecution in a sedate and objective manner. As usual. But wtf, let's just jump straight into the Fool Pool. Here's the latest bit of super-effluvia that has me in stitches.
Re: Sick And Tired Of People Saying Sting Sucks

Pam and Linda -

Thanks for the thoughtful answer. A lot of these guys are probably jealous of Sting (and me) because we, unlike them are 1) handsome (people have told me that I look like a young Tom Sizemore, but more ripped) and 2) wealthy. It's a shame when people judge you for what you have or dont have. Why cant we all just treat each other as equals?


Why indeed, Gene? You're a real man of the people, bro. OMFG! Please, please! Make it stop!

This was evidently in response to lin-ann796, who had opined...

I think many men are jealous of Sting for many reasons... his looks, his sensitivity, the emotions he's not afraid to show thru his songwriting, his intelligence, his appeal to women, the fact that he'd wear a skirt to an awards ceremony(!) and not give a crap what others thought of him, that he adores women and puts them on a pedestal, and the list could go on and on.
Oh, I just bet it could.

The cross-dressing aside, you'll get no argument from me that he's a right sensitive little tosser -- as attested to by the prominent Deutsche Grammophon logo on his Songs from the Labyrinth album, whereon he plays the fucking lute and sings songs by John Dowland ("1563 — buried February 20, 1626" -- but clearly not deep enough).

As an astute one-star Amazon reviewer remarks: "What's next? Joe Cocker sings Schubert?"

Oh, flow my tears!

Speaking of which, have I ever mentioned why I love YouTube? The comments. The comments! Appended to that last link is this:

where can i find Stinks version of robin hoods theme tune?

Surprisingly, no one (that I saw) said, "This is gay, dude."

Ah, but poor Sting. Never may his woes be relieved / Since pittie is fled...

Whatever. I fled. That's for sure. But let me back up a bit. The way I found the post I quoted above was googling sting police narcissi*, via which I found another post titled Sting: Why He Now Sucks that quotes the post I quoted. Confused? Why bother? But here's what the guy replicated ...

"The other day I was cranking 'Sacred Love' - is there any song more stirring than 'The Book of My Life'? - in my car, and I pulled up to red traffic signal. The guys in the car next to me started laughing amongst themselves. I just looked straight ahead, paying them no mind. But then the guy in the passenger side says something like 'nice tunes, dude'. The light turned green before I could respond. Aaaarrgh! I was pissed, and I wished I had a perfect zinger to put them in their place.

Maybe they were jealous - Im cruising in a Jaguar S-TYPE, and these dirtbags were driving around in some kind of filthy piece of garbage, playing their (c)rap music."

To which the "why he now sucks" guy comments: "Cruising in a Jag? Well, bully for you, mate." He also captioned that photo: Narcissus in one of his "thoughtful" poses.

Granted, this sort of "research" is beneath me. I think. But maybe not. Perhaps I am beneath it. As you may have noticed, it is very difficult to gauge one's own level of ... immersion. Which is precisely why -- and here we come to the essence of the rationale for all this; here we grasp the very nettle! -- we need Depth Psychology.

And we're back! Because you see where it says "Foreword by C.G. Jung"? Uh-huh. It's the goddam Eternal Return, sportsfans. Right back to where we started.

And how did we get here? Well, I can tell you how I got here. Via Sting's home page, where he shares with us this precious quote, Quote of the Day, unquote.

"I read a lot of Carl Jung's psychological essays and was very intrigued by him. In fact I used to go and meet with one of his pupils who was called the Baroness Vonderheit and she used to try and analyse my dreams, and of course I couldn't remember my dreams and so I would make them up. She'd look at me quizzically and 'Are you sure you dreamed that?' I was trying to please her I suppose."

Oh Sting, you badboy, you! And and of course you couldn't remember them. You're so hip!

Curiously, aside from that page, I was able to find only one other reference to the Baroness Gesundheit, who, this x-random passage informs us...

...was a disciple of Jung's, [and] wrote, "A creed can act as a protection against the onslaughts of immediate experience for those whose ego position... is too weak to tolerate loss of certainties, or against the despair and confusion generated by feelings of isolation."

Aha. That tells us a lot. It tells us, for one thing, how strong Sting's "ego position" truly is. Strong like bull!

It also explains the whole Synchronicity thing -- another Jung lift, naturally. You see, things are not just random. Oh no. There's a reason why Sting is rich and famous and you're not. And, as an earlier generation was once taught by its spiritual leaders: that's the way God planned it!

Well, this has to end somewhere, I suppose. Sadly, it will have to end before it reaches any conclusion. Life is like that sometimes. And so here to play us out (thanks and a tip-o-the-hat to Bill O'Reilly) is Sting doing just the poetry to Synchronicity I...

with one breath, with one flow
you will know
a sleep trance, a dream dance,
a shared romance

a connecting principle
linked to the invisible
almost imperceptible
something inexpressible
science insusceptible
logic so inflexible
causally connectible
yet nothing is invincible

if we share this nightmare
then we can dream
spiritus mundi
if you act as you think
the missing link

we know you, they know me
a star fall, a phone call
it joins all

its so deep, its so wide
you're inside
effect without a cause
sub-atomic laws, scientific pause

It's so deep. It's so wide. You're inside.

Wow, huh?