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Monday, December 26

jackboot psychics high on god

I think I understood this stuff way better when I was doing a lot of acid.

btw, if anyone knows where I can get the book below
for less than 100 bucks (which seems to be the going price)
please let me know.

It's about the Church Universal and Triumphant and it's (final) leader, "Guru Ma," a.k.a. Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I found a review in a google groups post, which says:

What struck me vividly is how amazingly different the reality can be from the appearance. E.C. Prophet, to her followers, was the true vehicle and spokesman for God, the epitome of spiritual wisdom, love, and self-sacrifice. The reality was a crudely self-centered narcissist who would stoop to any means to manipulate her membership and to put up a good facade in order to line her own pockets, and to exercise her personal power over others.
Feel more than free to click on ECP's picture there on the right to see what other havoc she and her minions have wrought. And here's another delightfully titled book about the same bunch of cosmically attuned, spiritually ascended lunatics...

You can click the pic to buy it on Amazon -- or go here and download the whole thing for free. The reason I went off in search of this stuff is that William Dudley Pelley (remember yesterday?) had a quite a large hand in setting these folks up.

In the not-so-credible-looking Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources -- after dropping names like Jesus H. Christ, Saint Germain, H.P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Guy Ballard and Elizabeth Clare Prophet -- author Jon Klimo writes (p. 146): "In the 1930s, mining engineer Guy Ballard reported having a series of visionary and channeling experiences with various 'ascended masters' in the Mt. Shasta [wait for it...] California area." (My little joke there, heh-heh.) Our paranormal guide continues...

If there was a shadow side to Ballard's "I AM" movement, it was his association with the American fascist William Dudley Pelley and his followers, known as the "Silver Shirts." Pelley appeared to be attracted to Ballard and his ascended master connection because of its strong paramilitary character.

But this is bunk. Suggesting that Pelley came sniffing around the I AM freaks is to get things backwards. In fact, they came looking for him. On the same site where I found Psychic Dictatorship, I found this...

Before they concocted the I AM activity, the Ballards had built up years of experience in metaphysical organizations. These included The Theosophical Society and William Pelley's anti-Semitic politico-religious fascist movement, The Silver Shirts, also known as "Foundation for Christian Economics" and the "Christian Party." Indeed, Guy and Edna conducted regular spiritualist meetings in Chicago where they used Pelley publications.
And so, a good time was had by all. Or well... almost all.

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