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New Age "Asiatic" thought ... is establishing itself as the
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Saturday, August 9

the more things change...

hold your head up you silly girl.
look what you've done!

martha my dear ~ beatles

Yesterday, sitting in the waiting room outside Don's new office, I picked up a random magazine and OMG!!! How did I miss this? It seems that back in 2004, Martha Stewart (Jon Stewart's mom, pictured right) acquired Body + Soul magazine (web site). And why is this important, class? Let's take a look at a clip from the press release, shall we?

Body & Soul magazine was launched in 1974 as the New Age Journal. It was renamed Body & Soul in 2001, as the topics and themes it had always covered - organic food, natural medicine, mind-body fitness, environmentally conscious consumerism, and spiritual and personal growth - began to enter the mainstream as interests of American women.
Consumerism and spiritual growth. Now, isn't that special?

In July of 2002, the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients ran a story titled "After 28 years, New Age Journal changes its name to Body & Soul." Here's a telling snatch... so to speak.

"Changing the name of a well-respected magazine is a big step," says Jennifer L. Cook, editor-in-chief. "However, we believe Body & Soul captures more effectively the heart of our editorial mission.... New Age always focused on its readers' physical and spiritual well-being."
But of course, they needed to get a guy's opinion in there too, just to make believe it wasn't Just For Chicks.
"Today, more and more people are incorporating what used to be alternative practices into their daily lives. They are eating more organic foods, practicing yoga, meditating, investing according to their values, and using herbal remedies," states publisher David H. Thorne. "One could say New Age has come Of Age."

Meditating and investing. Now, isn't that special?

Plus, I suppose Mr. Thorne's "New Age has come of age" argument is why they had to stop calling it New Age Journal. Check.

Note that neither Body + Soul nor the old New Age Journal are to be confused with the NEW "New Age Journal", which includes links to valuable resources such as the following...

New Age Journal
Meditate Deeper
than a Zen Monk - Just Touch A Button!
Remote Viewing
It is real. Feel the power for yourself.
Astral Travel
Adventure while you sleep. Learn lucid dreaming in 7 nights!
Restore Balance
Ayurvedic Products From

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if I set my hair on fire. And it's true, I did!
This is like really fucking painful!"

               —Christopher Locke, Boulder, RB

so thanks and a tip o' the hat to all the New Age