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Tuesday, April 8

oh black water, keep on rolling

It's old news (you can tell by the use of such phrases as "John Edwards" and "front-runner"), but dig it: ABC News reported on October 5 last year...
In a scathing attack, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards went after front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., Friday, calling her a "corporate Democrat," comparing top Clinton campaign strategist Mark Penn to former Bush aide Karl Rove and assailing Penn's ties to Blackwater USA, the embattled private firm of military contractors accused by the Iraqi government of firing upon and killing 11 unarmed Iraqi civilians last month.
Well, Hilldog didn't give Penn his walking papers over that little dustup, but she did fire his ass this past Sunday. Something about Columbia. Maybe her shipment was late.

Blackwater, oh man. Hard to let that one slide. Check out the slick Flash slideshows on their site (try Advanced Training - Homeland Security). Or check this -- and be afraid. The photo to the left is from a Wired article -- also old news, same date as the above -- titled Blackwater's Hired PR Guns: Hillary's Helpers, wherein it is stated, and I quote...

UPDATE: Oooh, oooh. "In addition to his role as a top campaign consultant to the Clinton campaign, Mark Penn is the worldwide president and CEO of Burson-Marsteller. The firm's lobbying subsidiary BKSH helped Blackwater's top executive, Erik Prince, prepare for his congressional testimony this week."
From the tone of hand-rubbing glee, you might expect the author to be just another disgruntled ex-hippie, like me. But in that you would be so wrong. Sharon Weinberger is the author of Imaginary Weapons: A Journey Through the Pentagon's Scientific Underworld ("The story of how a lunatic fringe science project became favored by Rumsfeld’s Pentagon.") And as Wikipedia informs us: "She was editor-in-chief of Defense Technology International, a monthly magazine published by the McGraw Hill Aviation Week Group." Having worked Aviation Week in my chequered ex-hippie PR-puke past, I can tell you: that's some serious shit, kids.

Anyway: Hillary, Blackwater, Burson-Marsteller -- don't miss the video of ruthless pigfucker Mark J. Penn talking with senile child molester Harold Burson about "Communications and Corporate Responsibility."

And the beat goes on.

from the Blackwater site. Note typical terrorist.