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Blind Boy Apollo
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New Age "Asiatic" thought ... is establishing itself as the
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Saturday, October 13

how I went mad

The following are all the books I've posted about here in the last couple years since I started writing Mystic Bourgeoisie (i.e., since July, 2005. At least this includes the books that still have cover art on Amazon. In some (fairly rare) cases, I only thought about posting about them, or wrote something I never got around to posting, or maybe I just dreamed about them. Who knows? Not me. As the title slug suggests, these books have driven me around the bend. If you click on enough of the following links and merely think about what you're seeing, you too will be driven mad. Caveat emptor, sailor.

Also keep in mind that no distinction is made between the books I wrote about because I like them and think they're important, and those I listed because I think they're ludicrously stupid and possibly signal the end of intelligent life on earth. Sorting out these alternatives has always been left as an exercise for the reader, but it's not very hard to guess in most cases. To take just one example, if you think I must be a big fan of All Women Are Psychics, it would appear that you arrived on this site through some unfortunate mistake. (If this happens and you're also a woman, the case for being psychic takes a fairly large hit.)

If you order anything from these links -- they all go to the corresponding pages on Amazon -- I get a pittance toward the purchase of even more books to tell you about, the good, the bad and the ungodly. This makes me inordinately happy.

If you want to know what I may have said about a particular book, or in what context I dropped it's name here on Mystic B, you can try popping the title or author into the handy search box below. Results are not guaranteed, but chances are good that you'll find something interesting.


mystic bourgeoisie