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New Age "Asiatic" thought ... is establishing itself as the
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Wednesday, October 19

ripoff artiste

published December 2000 published August 2004

In a review that 0 of 2 people apparently cared for, Amazon reader meads44 noted:

My comments have only to do with the packaging of the book. Both in terms of its title and dustjacket design, it closely follows Roy Porter's brilliant 2000 book, The Creation of the Modern World: The Untold Story of the British Enlightenment. Like Porter's study, Himmelfarb's includes a reproduction of Joseph Wright's Orrery (c. 1766). And like Porter's study, Himmelfarb's employs a red ground for the letters of the title and author.

This is surely not a coincidence.

Surely not. My vote will make it 1 out of 3 in favor of the observation.

Perhaps not so btw, Himmelfarb is a leading neoconservative [oxymoron alert] intellectual whom The New Criterion, in reviewing the above book, called "one of today's most eminent practitioners of history." She was awarded a National Humanities Medal by President George W. Bush in 2004 and cited "for her critical analysis of history, which has yielded insights into... the foundations of our culture."

Indeed. Compare those covers once again.

If this post seems out of place here, it is here because a theme of the book -- a grace-note perhaps, but nonetheless -- will be the inclination of the NewAge++ toward misdirection, as we see here, and outright plagiarism. It seems to have become A-OK with this crowd to appropriate anything they might have thought as their own. Which fits quite nicely, if you think about it, with claiming and colonizing already occupied countries.* Plus, it's worth noting that the NewAge++ are now available in all your favorite political flavors!

* NOTE: Forgive me if I've already told you this, but I have a plan to claim the local Target store for the Queen of Spain. I figure if I can get an outlaw biker gang to back me up with stolen heavy construction equipment, I might be able to hold onto it long enough to make CNN. I'll spend the rest of my life in the slammer, sure, but imagine the cred...

"What's he in for?"

"Who that guy? Him and a bunch of berserker biker dudes claimed a Target store for the Queen of Spain."

"Whoa! Far fuckin out."

surely not a coincidence